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Google engagement for
Golf Courses

Google is the #1 source of relevant traffic out there – everyone knows that.

What not everyone knows is how to leverage its awesome power to bring YOU the maximum benefit.

That’s exactly what this package is about.

Our local experts will cross all the “T’s and dot the “I’s” to make sure your Google Business profile is presented properly, updated daily and delivering the right visitors.

We’ve seen this single effort actually outpacing all other advertising in terms of results – you should definitely consider it!

  • High Visibility Listing on Google Search and Maps
  • Google Messaging integration (new!)
  • Improved Brand Engagement
  • Initial Google Business Profile listing optimization
  • Improves Google’s Ranking signals
  • Boosts local SEO
  • 1 post / day with photo, 7 days a week
  • Customized Landing Pages available
  • Outreach over email / SMS

Order this package for just $495 USD / month

We will contact you for arrangements – if we cannot help you, you will get a full refund, of course.

Usage Pricing

Making Calls Receiving Calls Text Messages Emails
Usage $0.0591 / min $0.0387 / min $0.0340 / sms $0.00227 / email
$10 will give you about 170 call mins 270 call mins 300 messages 4500 emails